The Canadian company Yirego offers miniature portable machine for laundry. The main feature of Yirego Drumi is that it does not require electricity. The small washing machine resembles to a vacuum cleaner machine. Drumi washing machine is highly mobile and can easily fit into a suitcase or trunk of a car. Drumi’ washing drum is driven by the muscle power of the owner over the foot pedal.

Seven items at a time can be spun and washed in Drumi. It consumes about 9 liters of water per wash, and very low quantity of washing powder. Full laundry takes only 5 minutes. During this time the machine takes three cycles: wash, rinse and spin.

This unusual machine is designed for people who often go hiking or traveling away from other hotels and furnished apartments. The device is sure to please all the “green” users. Aslo the machine is equally useful for areas with no electricity.The company recently launched their Indiegogo campaign and offering a single unit for $199.

Available at for $199