If you are a home owner and you want to add some stylish function to your home, you may not think of your roof as a starting point.

Depending on where you live around the globe, roofs styles vary from country to country and from different climates.

Take some countries that are located in much warmer climates like the Mediterranean. You can picture the stucco and concrete homes with their red tiled roofs dotting the landscape everywhere you look. These countries primarily rely on red tiled roofs made from clay and concrete due to their ability to withstand high temperatures in the summer as well as colder temps in the winter.

In the UK, conversely, red tiled roofing is not something that you see very often and for good reason. From a climate perspective, it doesn’t make much sense. Here’s a quick look at the most popular roofing styles in the UK today.

Interlocking Tiles

A popular choice of local roofers because of ease of use and a relatively cheap cost, interlocking tiles are a top choice if you have a simplepitched roof to cover. If you are looking to cover an area that is a bit more difficult in shape interlocking tiles may not be the best route just because of their low cost.

Note: If you are unsure about what type of roofing material that you will need to get your roof done on budget as well as having it look decent in the process you may want to consider consulting a professional. A great way to start if you are doing this for the first time is to simply search, roofer near me and get your options going to find the best roofer in town

Traditional Options

If you consider yourself a bit more traditional a good choice for your home would be plain tiles. They give a much richer looking appearance to your roof because the tiles all look different. You can find plain tiles for roofing at various price levels and colors so you can give your home a distinctive look if that is what you are going for.

Thatched roofing is another traditional roofing style that is popular in the UK. The thatched roof has been an extremely old-fashioned roof style that remains popular even today, especially in smaller towns in villages that are intent on keeping their old-world charm.


Slate roofing is still a roofing material that remains in demand in certain areas of the UK.  Slate is versatile and looks great on the roofs of traditionally designed homes and building along with minimal and modern inspired design. Slate is priced and is a good middle of the road option for choosing a roof that is durable and functional.

Metal Roofing

Finally, metal roofing is a great option for industrial style buildings, warehouses, and any building where you need to cover large areas. It is a bit more of an up and coming » Watch Full