The year is 1993. Minka Aire is born—and with it, an entire lineup of highly practical and good-looking ceiling fans to suit any home design scheme. There’s a good reason Minka Aire translates to “bright home.” Not only do these ceiling fans cool everyone in the room by moving air, but they can help homeowners cut down on their energy bills year-round.

There’s no end to the lineup of high-quality materials found in Minka Aire ceiling fans available from online retailer Lumens—from brass to wood, resin, aluminum and more. Homeowners can also choose from a catalogue of unique blade designs. There’s the curvy, sculptural blades of the Artemis Ceiling Fan to add a touch of artfulness to any room. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the industrial-inspired Roto XL Ceiling Fan with three stark blades and a simplistic elegance.

Homeowners will also enjoy all the benefits of a quality light kit if they choose a lit model. After all, general lighting is the basis for basic visual comfort. Ceiling fans help breathe new life into living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and Home offices everywhere, and the lighting is just as useful in these important rooms.

Lumens stocks Minka Aire fans to fit any room, with diameters ranging from 26 inches (and smaller) to save space up through 65 inches (and larger) to suit a more open floor plan. Buyers can also choose their ideal look and feel, with blade counts ranging from just one all the way up through nine.