Practicality is always one of the biggest factors for people when they are deciding to purchase a brand new car. Luckily, a whole host of leading car manufacturers have designed their new line of models to ensure people are able to drive efficiently and within a sufficient amount of comfort.

You will be able to find the right car to suit your needs with ease since many dealerships have put practical cars at the very forefront of their 2019 range. This includes a whole host of new Jeep dealer locations, as well as dealerships that specialise in Ford, Vauxhall, and Volkswagen designs.

Here, we have highlighted the five best cars to choose this year for practicality and ease. There is no question that any of these incredible designs are going to greatly enhance your driving experience no matter what distances or terrain you cover.

Audi Q4

This is a sleek and well-designed model that has been purposely created to directly rival the BMW X 2 designs. The Audi Q4 is the perfect car for anyone that wants to own a niche design that combines the strengths of both SUV and Coupe vehicles. The car is one of the most compact and streamlined models within the Audi range, which features petrol, diesel, and electrical solutions.

DS 3 Crossback

The DS 3 Crossback is the sure fire way to achieve luxury and style. There are a number of notable features that make the design shine, which includes the option for Nappa leather interior, flush-fitting door handles, and a high-end Focal sound system. Anyone looking for innovation will love the huge advancements that have been made over previous models, giving you incredible ease of use every single time.

Seat Tarraco

With the capacity to accommodate up to seven people, the Seat Tarraco could be the ultimate choice for families when the model finally hits the market towards the end of the year.  You will experience an abundance of luxury and benefit from a wide selection of incredibly effective technological features. The pinnacle of the design comes from the fully integrated digital dashboard, which includes dials behind the steering wheel.

Vauxhall Corsa

This has always proven to be a popular choice for anyone looking for a cost-effective and reliable car for their day-to-day activities. 2019 is going to see the model play a crucial role in the survival for Vauxhall, so expect the newer designs to be made with impeccable mechanical precision. The car gives you everything needed to get from point A to point B, without the additional charges that come from features you could probably live quite easily without.

Peugeot 508 SW

If you want something that comes with practicality and an incredibly stylish exterior, then you can do no wrong with the Peugeot 508 SW. The car boasts one of the sleekest cabins on the market, giving you a luxurious and spacious area in which to sit back and hit the road.

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