When faced with finding a gift for the person you love most, it’s natural to feel a sense of pressure, especially if you have been in a relationship for a long time. You can approach it from several angles such as thinking about what she enjoys doing, what is important to her in life or what she’s always wanted to do/have but not been able to. Does she treasure sentimental keepsakes, or is she more excited by new experiences? You know her better than anyone, but if you are looking for a way to make her birthday, Valentine’s Day or your anniversary special, here are 8 gifts which could be perfect for your other half.

Personalized perfume

While perfume may sound like a standard gift, you can push the romantic boat out a little further with Tailor Made Fragrance. You can choose the fragrances, the bottle and even personalize the bottle and presentation box for your other half.

Romantic artwork

A customized map of the stars from Starry Maps is a beautiful way to capture the beauty of the night sky on the night of an important milestone in your relationship. It could be the night you met, when you got married, or could even be the birth of your first child. Alternatively, you can opt for sound wave art which will turn any song that your other half loves into a stunning piece of art.

A stunning watch

It’s a classic but always worth considering if she doesn’t have a watch that she loves. Invest in something beautiful and classic, add a romantic inscription from you and she will think of you whenever she glances at the time.

Bespoke necklace

A beautiful necklace is always a welcome gift, but you can make it even more special by making it personal to her or your relationship. For example, The Calendar Necklace by Dalla Nonna Jewelry can represent any important date with a colored sapphire on the date.

Luxury coat

Buying your other half a luxury coat which will keep her looking stylish and protected from the elements is the perfect way to remind her that she is loved when she’s out and about. There’s a fantastic range of outerwear in a range of styles at Gloverall.com that you can check out.

Book Subscription

If your other half is a bookworm, it’s probably hard to know which books she has or has not read or even what she likes to read at the moment. Consider taking out a book subscription so she can choose which books she wants to read each month.

A top of the range coffee press

Does she love coffee? Why not spoil her with a brand new top of the range espresso machine or a French press from Illy and give her a luxurious start to her day every day.

Home relaxation kit

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