Where some 3D pen works to quench the thirst of an artist, it can’t satisfy the soul unless it offers colorful doodling. Meet the Scribble, a few hands more advanced than just a coloring device. It functions as a color picker pen and comes in two options, Scribble Ink and Scribble STYLUS that lets you draw any color you have seen with your naked eye on paper or your favorite mobile device. With a built-in 16-bit RGB color sensor ARM 9 microprocessor on the top end, it captures the color scheme as exactly as it is. The refillable cartridges of the Scribble Ink (STYLUS: capacitive rubber nib) sports cyan, white, black, yellow and magenta colors and thus make you reproduce on the paper the very color you’ve stored earlier.

It doesn’t end here. The Scribble is reported to have the capacity of reproduce as many colors as 16 million out of 100k unique colors stored in its built-in 1GB memory. It runs on rechargeable lithium-ion battery and also features Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology to be utilized on your smartphone and a Micro USB connector. Interestingly, the Scribble Ink ($150) and Scribble STYLUS ($80) are 162 mm long and don’t weigh much either, only 39 and 34 grams respectively.

Available at getscribblepen.com for $150