He’s a rare breed—the man that appreciates the finer details of fashion and can be trusted to stock his own wardrobe with this season’s best. And while we all appreciate a man that can dress himself, it can make shopping for him a bit of a chore. The usual go-to’s—button downs, nice shoes, a stylish blazer—are already hanging in his closet. But with a little creativity, you can still find a gift even the most fashionable fellow can’t resist. We’ve collected a few of them here.

The Styled Man Box

When in doubt, order up a Styled Man Box. Every month, a new box is delivered with a new collection of premium quality men’s goods and gadgets. The box is personalized for each person, and comes stuffed with 4 to 6 fashion and grooming accessories such as socks, cuff links, ties, pocket squares and other similar items. It’s perfect for any man who appreciates the finer details and knows how to accessorize.

A Razor Set

These days, facial hair is as much a part of men’s style as their clothing choices. Whether they’re going for the full lumberjack look or a more modern mustache or a well thought out 5 o’clock shadow, attention must be paid to a man’s easiest accessory. So why not bring the barber shop to him with a stylish, classy razor set? Even better, combine it with a subscription to Dollar Shave Club or Birchbox Men, and he’ll be in facial hair heaven.

A Bomber Jacket

It’s the “it” jacket of the season, so make sure your fashion-conscience guy has one. The versatile style can be worn for a casual day out or even with a button up and tie. To really step it up a notch, try the latest trend and give him an embellished jacket. Intricate embroidery and sewn on patches will help set him apart and give him a one of a kind look every time he steps out the door.

Cashmere Beanie

Hats never go out of style, so give your guy a gift he can’t get enough of. Though he likely has a beanie or two stashed in his closet, go the extra mile and get him something from the top of the line. Once he has cashmere to keep him cozy, he’ll never go back.

Smart Battery Case

This is for the busy guy who has no time for the “low battery” warning. The self-charging case is practical and says your guy’s on top of the trends, so surprise him with the gift he’ll be sure to use.

Stance Socks

Step up your guy’s sock game with a stylish pair of custom socks from Stance socks. They come in a range of styles—from college to Star Wars themed, you can pick what suits him best. Not necessarily the most glamorous, but what fashion forward guy doesn’t need a stylish pair of socks to top off an » Watch Full