Shadowboxer Fitness Set provides number of workout techniques to improve health including cardiovascular fitness and effectives way to maintain upper-arms, shoulders and back muscles. The boxing fitness set adds resistance to your moves so that you can push your body to vigorous and greater extents. Speaking of health and fitness, the waist belt combined with adjustable hand grips protect your joints and prevent back pain by allowing easy transition between moves without jerking. Assisted by the camera of your tablet, the app allows you to play against various virtual opponents. You may also use the waist belt and power tubes to warm up if you’re more into extreme workouts. Along with the leg tubes the Shadowboxer makes a full body training device to train your full body to powerful moves. From warm-up through interval training to extreme workouts, this gadget has advanced motion sensors to boost your workout skills and develop some techniques as well as training your body on the go.

Available at for £84

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