A positive self-image is everything for an entrepreneur. Without confidence in yourself, how can you expect others to have confidence in your business? Project confidence and inspire success with the following tried and true tips.

Suit Up

Forgo the casual attire if you want to boost your confidence and negotiating power. A 2014 study by a Yale professor on the subject revealed that men dressed in suits negotiated more than 10 percent more profit in mock real estate negotiations when pitted against opponents dressed in casual wear like sweats and flip flops. Interviews with study participants revealed that not only did the more smartly dressed negotiators feel more confident in the negotiation but that they commanded more respect from their opponents and made their opponents feel inferior about their casual attire, leading the adversary to allow suited opponents to get away with more.

When shopping for suits, start by going to a reputable shop that is known for excellent customer service. This way you can receive guidance and advice that will help you find a properly tailored and fitted suit. Different styles of suits look better on certain body types, so try on a variety of styles and see what you feel your best in.

Accessorize Accordingly

Pair your suit with accessories that you love, not just whatever is within reach. Start with shirts that fit your body type and are comfortable. When you find a shirt that you like, buy multiples of it so you always have one that you love within reach.

When it comes to ties, opt for an on-trend style in a simple print or solid color. Avoid red ties because they can signify danger and blue ties that can read as too conservative. Instead, opt for yellow ties because they signify success, according to GQ.

Shoes are one accessory worth splurging on. Well-made shoes are often more comfortable and they command respect, showing that you care about the finest details. Don’t limit your selection to just black and brown, either. Outfit your wardrobe with a variety of styles that you can pair with your favorite suits to create looks that are subtly different.

Perfect Your Craft

If you really want to project confidence, you need to believe that you are exceptional at what you do. To develop this belief, practice is everything. For instance, as an entrepreneur, confidence in your sales skills is crucial. If your business doesn’t have an actual product to sell, take time to perfect your sales pitch by taking advantage of freelance sales opportunities at direct sales companies like Amway.

It’s also critical to refine your elevator pitch for your company. Relationships can make or break your business, so take advantage of attending networking events whenever possible. A confident, succinct explanation can help others remember your company and pass on the word to potential clients.

Pamper Yourself

Your eyes and hands are the two most expressive features you possess, so pamper yours with care to avoid drawing the » Watch Full