Among the majors new home-cleaning Robot Roomba 980 features iAdapt 2.0 navigation mode, which will enable it to create real-time mapping of home through a 30° camera on the top. Below the sensors will also complement the camera allowing the Roomba 980 to know where it has done already.

When its battery is low, it will return to its charging base to refuel and leave to resume the household where he left it. The vacuum cleaner will thus be able to fight a war without thank you against dirt on an entire floor.
Let’s talk about this terrible battle that we conduct regularly against the invaders on our floors, carpets and beds below. Obviously this has also been taken into account in the smart design of the Roomba 98. Furthermore Roomba 980 is equipped with a system allowing it to recognize the different floor surfaces on which it was thus as a soil sensor. In this way, the vacuum cleaner should be able to adapt its cleaning power as required.

For this, particular funtion its AeroForce cleaning system with CarpetBoost automatically increase the performance when cleaning the carpet or rug. To go in the corners, the Roomba 980 is equipped with rotating side brushes that will take care of flushing and push dirt to the cleaning system. The vacuum cleaner has a low profile design, its 9.2cm height should allow it to slip quite easily under most furniture. Its capacity is 0.6 liters. It must be connected to Wi-Fi so that regardless of where its owner is located the parameters set in (iOS or Android) app will allow to create a daily or weekly cleaning schedules.

Available at for $850