Ben Rivera went to a Theme Park and was stopped by security because he was carrying his Skeletool. On his way home dejected, a mind-blowing idea of creating a wearable multi-tool popped up in his mind. He came to Leatherman Tool Group Inc. to materialize this cool idea. Now, Leatherman brought a brand new idea of multi-tool wearable accessory called The Tread. It’s a multi-tool and a fashion accessory, that has 25 useful and important-to-keep tools all on your wrist, meaning usability and style combined. The Tread includes a list of tools such as wrenches (for multiple sizes of bolt heads), a carbide glass breaker, bottle opener, a cutting hook, and screwdrivers of many kinds like hex, Phillips, square, and double square. It’s fully customizable multi-tool bracelet and is designed to replace each link or clasp with the other. When you wear this bracelet, you may find people asking you ‘Where is the watch”? Leatherman found it already and has decided to release a watch version of the Tread in Fall 2015.

Available at for $150+