Hi) enables bidirectional communication for voice and unidirectional for video allowing you to see your visitors on your smartphone while talking to them.

If Hi) is connected to a lock or an electric strike you can not only see and communicate with your visitors but also open the door with your smartphone. With Hi) you can also remotely control the lighting of lights or opening the shutters, it is up to you when you set up the system since the videophone has two programmable outputs. The smart bell sends a notification on your mobile phone as soon as it detects motion in front of you. The video surveillance feature enables your camera remotely to see what happens. If you detect an unwanted presence, you can trigger the alarm videophone.

It identifies and recognizes household members when passing nearby and can trigger predefined actions such as opening the door, lighting the lights or the opening of the shutters. You can also receive notifications when your kids are home from school in order to be reassured even if you are not at home.

The Hi) Smart Bell is set to host debut event at CES 2016 and will be available in May 2016. Also expect an Indiegogo campaign for pre-orders in January 2016 on Indiegogo. Retail price for Hi) is set at €450.

Available at fenotek.com for €450