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Bora Bora TV Bathtub

Luxury bath tub

A bathtub, especially filled with lukewarm water has always been a relieving place after whole day’s tiredness. And the best part comes when you’re right in front of your TV, catching up your favorite movie. People apply things according to their own requirements so as the Bora Bora TV bath tub is designed for. It is a complete set, just like a spa at your home, with various invigorating features. The elegant look of this bath tub is made with the high quality sanitary acrylic that is 7-8mm thick, completely alkali free bath tub with bright white color. The tub is equipped with the powerful jets for a full body massage, including 4x back massage jets. The 15` LCD installed in the bath tub is made with an acrylic base form the S line Atesia. One of its astounding features, the bath tub also has FM radio and an external CD drive. The bathtub’s traps are so hygienic that it avoids germs, odor and leakages. One thing that makes this tub a unique piece of creativity is, it has underwater lighting system to set the spa mood which can be controlled with just a slight touch on an LCD. BUY it here | $5,733

Bora Bora TV bathtub luxuty bath tub

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