For a man to look his best every day, whether he’s headed off to work or out on a date, there are certain items of clothing that should be in his closet at all times. The following five items of clothing, in particular, are definitely what every man needs to always look and feel confident, handsome, clean-cut, and professional. Do you have all of these items in your closet? If not, you should consider investing in them today.
1. A Dark Coloured Suit
A high quality suit, such as one of the many tailored suits that are made in Italy, is one of the main items that every fashionable man needs to have in his closet at all times. To have a suit that will be extremely versatile and great for the professional environment as well as formal events, you should purchase one that’s a dark colour, such as charcoal grey. A two-button suit that has a notch lapel is a fantastic option, as it will flatter your body, regardless of your shape. You can also easily pair a darker hue with a shirt that provides a pop of colour, or you can stick with neutral colours. Make sure that your suit is properly tailored so it will look perfect.
2. A Pair of Dark Jeans
Another fashion necessity that should be in every man’s closet is a good pair of dark jeans that can be worn over and over again for just about any event, aside from things like professional events, funerals, and weddings, of course. Opt for a dark pair that doesn’t have stitching that creates too much contrast, and the stitching shouldn’t be ornate either. If you’re slim, stick with a sleeker cut, and opt for stretchy fabrics if they make you feel more comfortable.
3. A Polo Shirt
You can purchase a few different polo shirts in various colours, such as black and navy blue, and have them on hand when you want to have a casual yet clean-cut outfit ready for work or play. Stick with pima cotton, as this adds a sense of elegance to this shirt, and it will also allow your shirt to remain looking like new for years. For the best fit, the bottom of a polo shirt should hug the torso. A bit of your biceps should also show.
4. A Crewneck Shirt
You can wear a crewneck shirt from the autumn until the spring. Stick with colours like olive, navy, heather grey, and black, as they’re versatile, and opt for fabrics that are breathable. Fitted cuts will make you appear slimmer.
5. A Sport Coat
A sport coat can complete a more casual look, but to mix things up and provide contrast from your suit jackets, opt for textured fabrics, like herringbone or tweed. This coat will work with jeans or trousers, and a subtle pattern will make a statement.

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