Are you looking to make a splash on the fashion scene this summer? It is already proving to be a fun summer this year with a variety of fashion items available for men that are absolute must-haves in any man’s wardrobe. However, before you start shopping, you’ll want to check out this extremely trendy list of top items so you can stock up on the essentials.
Snag All the Top Items from Home
Now, before you go writing summer clothing items off simply because you hate having to shop and browse through countless stores, you’ll want to give Shopping For Men’s Clothing Online a fair shot. This is an ideal option for that guy who “hates shopping”. There are no crowds to fight in the stores, line-ups to stand in, and often the stock is less picked over online.

There are even subscription box services that will do all the hunting and shopping for you, as well as delivering the top items right to your door. So don’t let a little thing like the “shopping experience” hold you back from getting all the hot summer items.
The Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt
Button-down shirts are always a hot item to have in your wardrobe, and for summer you can mix it up by picking a short-sleeved version of the shirt. Rather than picking a solid color, the trendy thing for summer is to pick a bold print or pattern that gives the shirt, and you, some personality. The Five Four Club has some wonderful options available from Mark McNairy in a variety of great prints, which will have you bang on trend this summer.
Camouflage – Yep It’s Still Hot
Camouflage is one of those prints that never seem to fully disappear; rather, it goes through various stages of trendiness. For this season, camouflage is proving to be very hot, showing up on the runways of some of the top fashion designers. You can use camouflage in a shirt, shorts, pants, or wherever you like. With camouflage, you want to be careful you don’t go too far though. Make sure you’re only adding one element of it at a time.
Pink and Purple Make a Splash
While not exactly a fashion item there are some hot colors to watch for this summer. Pink and purple are making a huge splash this summer and showing up in everything from t-shirts, to button-downs, to full three-piece suits. It’s up to you how subtle or bold you want to go with these hot summer colors.

When shopping for purple items keep an electric or royal purple in mind. With pink, it’s all about the softer shades such as rose gold, dusty rose, and pastel pink.
A Nod to Today’s Top Fashion
Each of these items and trends is extremely versatile and wearable, giving you a number of ways that you can be trendy this year and find » Watch Full