It’s always been the biggest problem for most of the frequent travelers to cope with baggage fee and taking care of extra luggage. Apart from that, you must wait in the long queues just to get your luggage booked. This Airport Jacket aims at providing maximum space for your personal belongings; like a boss! It can carry upto 15 kgs of luggage in 14 deep pockets without looking awkward. Just in case, you change your mind and like to carry your luggage around, the jacket also houses a built-in carry bag. The long coat has three options to be worn: hip length, 3/4 length or full length. The full length jacket can house a pair of jeans, three tie-shirts, two pairs of shorts, a laptop, an iPad, a light jumper, a dress, wallet, phone, passports, underwear for 3-4 days with room to spare. Detachable pocket panels also allow you to separate extra length of jacket and move even more freely. The Airport Jacket is good for spring/summer seasons due to light weight water resistant 600 denier polyester. While the winter collection is made of 100% wool. Also check out the size chart before backing the project.

Available at for $181