It’s a myth that older people should disappear from society and sit in big plush armchairs whilst eating French Fancies and watching Judge Rinder. You older guys should embrace fashion as much as any young upstart. I admit, though, it can be hard to know what to wear when you get older as some of the younger men’s fashions will look a bit silly and as if you’re trying too hard and the internet isn’t exactly filled with ‘fashions for pensioners’ articles. I thought I’d change that and give the older guys some tips on how to update their look, whether you’re 50 or 70, get out there and look stylish.


The key to dressing well as you age is to keep things simple. As women age they have more freedom to dress louder and outlandishly, whereas men are going to want to keep things relaxed and simple. You’re going to want to cling on to the classic looks, but keep an eye on the catwalks to add in a modern flair.

Beware of Colour

As you age your wardrobe needs to take on a more monochromatic look. You don’t want to throw out all of your colourful accessories, but you need to learn how to craft outfits based around a single colour scheme. Buy various shades of the same colour and wear them all at once. Ensure they complement each other and you’ll look simple and stylish. Of course there’s nothing stopping you placing one statement piece in the mix, if you know what you’re doing. Sites like specialise in fancy, stylish fashions for men, so take a look at the models on the site and their selection to see what’s current.

The Little Touches

Women really know how to pull off big, loud accessories, but for men you need to be looking for something more understated.  You need something that complements all outfits; that draws the eye, but doesn’t overpower the outfit. What you need is a set of beautifully crafted cufflinks or an expensive watch. There’s no point in wasting your life’s money on motorbikes and midlife crisis cars, when you can spend it on fashionable items that can also be passed down as heirlooms to your children and grandchildren.

Smart, Casual, Comfortable

Once you hit the 50 mark you’re probably tired of having to wear smart clothes that are extremely uncomfortable, whether it’s hot, heavy shirts, or tight, blister-inducing shoes. When you get older you can find clothes that are a nice mix of smart-casual and comfortable. Shoe makers, in particular, are producing hundreds of different shoe styles, that whilst comfy are also really stylish.


You can finally wear knitwear without the worry of people thinking you’re old … because you are. I love knitwear and I’m young. It’s so comfy and when an older gentleman wears it, it becomes very stylish too. In my mind, it must be one of the best perks of » Watch Full