This 6-Port USB Charging Station by Suaoki may not impress you if you’re a fan of small and Ultra-Portable Chargers. But this charging station has what most of the other charging stations don’t—Reversible-Plug . It eliminates the never ending frustration that comes every time we put a USB plug in.

To protect your USB powered devices from overcharging and overheating the Suaoki Charging Station offers a smart TIR-C Technology that not only identifies your device on each port separately but also adapts to specific recharge rate so that your device may get maximum charge rate possible. It’s specifically designed for offices where workstations are quite a mess and is perfect for a family’s charging needs.
Suaoki features premium quality fire-retardant materials that encourage safety and durability. The total power it can spare DC 5 volts and 50W/10A at max. Each port can throw 2.4A at max which is great for charging Smartphones and Tablets. Furthermore, the circuitry with CE, FCC & RoHS certification make Suaoki a better device that does not only protect it from over-heating and over-currents but also prevents over-charging and short circuits.

Available at for $20