Holiday gift giving can be challenging no matter who you’re exchanging with, as we’ve all been on the giving or receiving end of a “You shouldn’t have” moment. Add to that the stress of exchanging gifts with coworkers and it’s enough to send you over the edge. It doesn’t have to be as stressful as figuring out your expense report. We know it’s a ways off, but Christmas will be here before you know it.

Follow these tips for finding fun gifts for your office Christmas party, and you’ll never be on the “naughty” list again. Whether you work in a laid back environment or you’re in the “suit and tie” crowd, there are common ways to make the gift giving experience fun.

Ho Ho Ho-lidays

There aren’t many people who hate Christmas and, if you know someone who does, run (don’t walk) in the other direction. Don’t fight the beauty of this holiday—embrace it when it comes to gift giving. Think about something fun and festive like these hilarious Tipsy Elves Christmas suits, or even Christmas pajamas (we just love these Grinch PJs from An ornament that reflects something personal to your company or the city in which you love would also go a long way, and there’s nothing better than the smell of a candle that conjures up the smell of this wonderful holiday.

Suggest a White Elephant Theme

White elephant parties are always a blast, as the premise is that everyone brings a gift under a certain amount of money to put in a community pot. Every person draws a number and is then allowed to choose from the pile of gifts. Don’t assume that beautifully wrapped one is the best, by the way. The best gifts are often lurking in those gently reused bags. You can either choose from the pile or forego this opportunity to “steal” from someone who already has a gift you want. It works best to decide ahead of time how many steals will be allowed. Hilarity ensues (no, really, we mean it), and (typically!) everyone loves his or her gifts.

As for what to buy, go for gifts that will actually get used. Avoid gag gifts unless this is agreed upon, as there is nothing worse than the party in which only one person gets the joke present. Although we do poo-poo the gag gifts, a funny mug (with delicious coffee) would go over well, as would a Personalized Bobblehead from Scarves make great gifts, too, as they are stylish and usually inexpensive. Jewelry is another thing that women love, and a cute pair of earrings or a nice set of bangles will often get stolen time and time again. Wine and/or a nice wine opener are also universally loved. If you’re seeking out something gender neutral, go for a bottle of booze, movie tickets, a set of wine glasses or whiskey tumblers, or a gift card to a nearby » Watch Full