As suggested by the well known Pixar Movie Wall-E, people were shown working in slothyWall-E-esque pods in future generations. Some people are still working on making Such Workstations while 3 guys from Vancouver, Canada are trying to make your workplace healthier and disease-free. Meet the OriStand, a Standing Desk made entirely out of cardboard and it’s flexible enough to be moved anywhere around. The ergonomic design of OriStand best fits your standing needs i.e., keeping your hands at bay while looking straight to the screen. It’s made with Industrial grade cardboard which is ideal for standing desks. Interestingly, it’s quite lightweight (2 lbs), 100% recyclable and strong enough to support any laptop you may find out there. When it comes to flexibility, simplicity and affordability OriStand can never be compared with the others alternatives out there like the one featured by Chairigami. It beats them all. It’s exactly like they say:

” A stand up desk that’s good for your back, your wallet & our planet.” -Ryan Holmes

This Flat-Packed Standing Desk is Made Entirely Out of Cardboard

Available at for $25