This holiday season could be for geeks especially with the Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter. The credit really goes to ThinkGeek that they came up with the new USS Enterprise tool. Space… The Final Frontier, these are the voyagers of the Enterprise’s starship. It is an ongoing mission to discover innovative the crusts, to look for fresh cheeses, improve topping and boldly slice the pizza in a way where no man has slash before. The cutter is in the shape of eminent USS Enterprise NCC- 1701 ship and great ornament for Trekkies, made of laser-etched stainless steel, warp nacelles for good gripping, Zinc- chromium alloy stainless steel blade of 4 inches diameter and making in total 8.5 inches long, weighing 277 grams (about 10 ounces) and hand washable only. Only available to the members of the Federation and cannot be supplied to Klingon Empire. For absolute rich fanatical fans, the 24K Gold Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter is also available, just a limited edition.

Available at for $19.99