scallops cooking on hestan cue via connected tablet
in: Kitchen

Hestan Cue – Smart Cooking System

Smart Cooking System by Hestan Cue features automatic temperature, Bluetooth® technology, embedded sensors and timers to give you consistent cooking experience at each step of a recipe. Hestan Cue has an inbuilt 1600-watt power-efficient induction burner, the good thing is cooking temperature is automatically adjusted as you proceed through the recipe. Furthermore, a 11″ smart fry pan, 10 cooking power levels, durable and easy to clean glass ceramic cooktop.

  • perfect for cooking meat timely ready
  • Hestan cue fish cooking fry pan
  • set the temperature through app
  • cooked fish on smart cooking system
  • smart cooking-ware hestan cue
  • perfect tender meat cooked with hestan cue smart cooking system

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