With Ripple Maker, creating latte art on your precious coffee is as easy as to print something using a modern printer. And yeah, its totally alright to say that it’s a printer that prints latte art. You can print any image or words onto your coffee foam.

Ripple Maker just takes 10 seconds to create art using a mix of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, which contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients. These contents are kept into machine itself. Also there is this thing inside dubbed as Ripple Pods which allow printing words and images and each pod can create about 1,000 ripples.

Right now the currently available Ripple Maker is designed for use by baristas and is being sold to businesses for $1299 a unit while the Pods are being provided by company on subscription basis, for $85 per month.

Available at coffeeripples.com for $1299