Being in panoramic world, RideOn takes the sports to the next level of entertainment featuring a True Augmented Reality Goggles for Snow Sports. What’s special here is that these goggles work better than the other AR goggles floating around and it’s specially made for snowboarding and skiing enthusiasts. Augmented reality, whether featured in Contact Lenses or in shape of Google Glass, is not a new thing for us. While diving down the hill, RideOn Goggles projects an exciting user interface and multiple AR layers on the snow 15 feet ahead of you. Using the goggles is completely hands-free. You don’t need any external device or apps or even voice recognition. All you need to do is to just look at the icons appearing on the floating UI. Interact, navigate and play with your friends skiing with you by seeing their locations, calling them, sending messages or even throwing a virtual snowball. It means you are not just playing a video game; instead you are in the game. The Goggles are water-resistant, helmet compatible, anti-scratch, anti-fog and have impact-resistant replaceable lenses. Ski Goggles features an HD video cam to record the best adventurous moments. The display is as bigger as 24 degrees diagonal viewable area, which is 3 times bigger than Google Glass. Moreover, the module includes a dual core 1.2Ghz processor, 2200mAh battery, Bluetooth, 32GB memory and Android 4.4.1 operating system.

Available at for $899+