Google Glass is actually a physical realization of what you can think of. Keeping in view the indisputable reputation of Google, the Google Glass is going to be a heck of gadget, of course in an awesome way. Consider it not the usual eyeglasses but take it as a SmartGlass device. It looks like a normal pair of glasses and fits comfortably on your ears and nose, pretty solid titanium band but light weight, flexible, perfectly balanced (or you can set it as per requirement), small projector floating on the right eye, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity with your mobile (without mobile and Wi-Fi its useless), HD quality video camera and voice activation using MyGlass App with touchpad screen. At first you may not feel comfortable wearing there and feel confuse all the time but you will feel association with it in time. The battery time is too short as well as the memory. At the end of the day the over-all first impression is more concerned which is mind blowing. The Google Glass technology is in fact a game changer, can’t wait to see the GoogleGlass 2.0. [VIA]