Google plans to spread its iconic Glass in the hands of people on a larger scale. Under the flag of their ‘Explorer Program’ they are going to make Glass available for almost every US citizen. A limited edition in strict terms, only available in a part of a day, Google limits the sell out only for the US citizens for $1500. Experts opine it’ll prove a big push for Google Glass in the wake of final consumer release.

Keep in mind that this Explorer Program is an expansion of already promoted program and doesn’t invite ordinary consumer on massive scale. This might happen in near future after that dealt with the developmental and experimental procedures ahead of the current release project. If we look back at the promotions campaigns by Google, they first began with pre-orders and noticed 2000 people were ready to have their hands on it. Later, it asked people what they would do if they had a pair of their own Glass and got 8000 exciting orders.

Google+ official posts that it’ll also include a free sunglass shade per purchase. The latest Explorer Program signifies in many ways and serves as no less than a social experiment.

Available at for $1,500