Denim never goes out of style and sunglasses over the years have sought even more fashion exposure. Mosevic from UK has kickstartered a fresh gush of style with these Solid Denim Sunglasses. Infusing layers of Denim fabric with a carefully selected resin, they have engineered Solid Denim able and strong enough for building high quality sunglasses. Each pair is handmade with the undertaking of preserving the Denim contour surface as intact as original. The frames are made from between six to 10 layers of Denim while the sturdy 5 barrel library hinges are used for increased strength. Three unisex styles i.e. Celsius, Kepler and Cassini are set for release and each features polarized Carl Zeiss Vision lenses. These solid denim sunglasses will find a perfect match with your wardrobe especially in this summer.

Available at for $106+