We all know about the Google Glass but Innovega Inc. is just got serious and has taken it to the next incredible but interesting level with its Augmented Reality Contact Lenses with iOptik display system, a natural eyewear revolutionary futuristic vision. A cutting edge iOptik tech allows the wearer a glimpse of tiny virtual hi-def screen right on the eyeball with digital information, images, video calls, directions and much more in collaboration with light-weight pair of glasses filled with micro projectors and optical filter with the sub millimeter lens precisely in the center. It is compatible with company-issued iOptik software and glasses and can work with portable game devices and Smartphones. Apart from glasses these lenses can standalone and execute some tasks on-their-own and can also be used as prescription lenses for vision correction like any normal lens. FDA and DARPA are also involved in this operation and their approval is the core key for these lenses before hitting the market.  A user can have the experience of watching a 240 inch screen TV, 10 feet away. Plenty of use can easily be encountered with it. Now it is up to you what you see and there is no reason that with scope of iOptik System, it won’t succeed. [VIA]