The 2016 is already announced as year of drone. We can see more drone storm coming ahead so we’ve created a special category for drones. Anyway the latest we’ve got to know is ProDone Byrd. This one looks like (in terms of size and capacity) to certain products already on the market, including the Phantom 3 4K.

The specialty of this UAV is that it can fold to store in a backpack and therefore carry more easily. Like a regular backpack so you’d not have to buy a special backpack made for drone. Once folded, the drone becomes equal to the size of an iPad a few centimeters thick. The four arms that carry the propellers fold along the “corp” of the apparatus and the propellers are also foldable. The feet of the drone come to line up under the machine and the camera can be removed without a key.

The ProDone Byrd has a 7000 mAh battery that offers a battery life of 29 minutes in flight. This battery also allows it to carry 2.25 Kg of equipment in addition to the 1.8 kg of the drone. This allows the user to choose what he wants to use video equipment with the drone. You do not have to use the camera provided with the drone, because the ProDone Byrd provides support for the Canon 5D DSLR or Sony.

Available at for $800+