Parrot Hydrofoil MiniDrone is a hybrid with sophisticated drone propellers to navigate fresh water and in swimming pools. Contoured nautical structure is propelled up to 5 to 6cm above the water, with a solid stability. Easy to drive, it can reach to the speed of 10km/h on water and 18km/h in air. With its detachable frame, you can also remove your Minidrone for air flights. The Parrot Drone hydrofoil moves on the water with remarkable dexterity and an incredible speed. Its high performance hydrodynamic hull and foils provide ultra-stable navigation. Easily controlled from a smartphone or tablet, you can run fast movements and precise turns. His performance on the surface of the water is amazing!

With a single swipe on the control screen, the Minidrone can make turns 90° or 180°, and a click, it executes loops front, rear and side. The drone can execute pre-programmed stunts. This new mini-drones by parrot have also been given a new, fresh and bold look again and this is enhanced by the built-in LED lighting. The Parrot Hydrofoil MiniDrone has a built in gyroscope for a good stable flight and it also makes it very easy to control. The mini drone also has a VGA mini camera(480X640) underneath for making snapshots. These excellent flying characteristics make this gadget a must have.

You are the captain, you are the pilot: be ready for the challenge! The Parrot Drone is a UAV Hydrofoil “two in one”! You can use the hydrofoil to slide on the water, then remove it to fly the Minidrone only.

Available at for $160