During the CES 2016 a Chinese company Ehang presented its autonomous aerial vehicle Ehang 184, a drone about the size of small car to commute single person. No you will not be required to take aviation lessons or license to fly in Ehang 184 because it fully autopilot.

The Ehang 184 uses collapsible propellers which makes it even more practical and possible to park in regular home garages. This personal drone can fly up to the speed of 100km/h. But there is catch, since it is just a prototype, it has limitations. The battery lasts only 23 minutes which means for now it flies for about 38 kilometers only. But Ehang 184 is still under development phase. There are tons of improvements yet to happen to this drone. You can follow the project on Ehang 184 official site. Check the video below for a demonstration of the drone.

Available at ehang.com for NA