Earlier this month we posted about Fleye, a human-friendly flying drone with built-in camera. There is another set to launch in 2016. It is ‘Snitch” dubbed as a “flying camera ball”. Snitch goes a step further with its automatic shot-taking ability. Yes Snitch will follow you and will take shots of you automatically, upon your entrance into its frame. Don’t worry about perfect shots because before taking photos it will announce “3-2-1” Cheeeese! Furthermore it can take 360° panoramic photos with its 16-megapixel. The Gimbal (image stabilization) makes sure perfect “no-blurred” photos of you. Besides its shape and friendly look it matches the battery time with Fleye, which is 10 minutes in both cases. Expect getting Snitch in May 2016.

Available at snitchme.com for $TBA