What happens when you cross an ordinary kitchen knife and a wheel? The answer is Bolo Rolling Knife by Canadian chef Randall Cornfield. Offering a modified design of the usual kitchen accessory and proving that the use of the developed circular knife is much more ergonomic than a good old classic.

Master noticed how a person’s wrist moves while slicing knife with a conventional straight blade. It almost does not matter for those who cook rarely enough, and does not suffer with the specific diseases such as bursitis wrist. The rolling knife is ideal for all those who spend in the kitchen slicing a lot of time – and experiencing the negative consequences of this work.

The Bolo Rolling Knife reduces the burden on the wrist and the effort in cutting products. The blade is detachable and consists of three parts: two removable halves of the plastic handle with rubber accents. The round blade is high quality hardened steel with a parameter Rc-59 hardness. The Bolo Knife Blade is removable and interchangeable – making it easier to wash and clean. In addition to the universal smooth metal blade for cutting, the developers also offer metal blade with teeth for processing (“beating”) of meat and a plastic “blade” for cutting dough.

Available at kickstarter.com for $16