The Future is certainly here and this Two-seater Flying Car is available for Pre-order as Promised in 2013. Don’t be so excited. Just yet! Everyone wants to make their morning commute by air but it’s not gonna be a cheap solution since the base model (Liberty Sports) costs $399,000 and the Liberty Pioneer model costs $599,000. Only! According to them, the car can easily go up to 100 MPH and it can achieve maximum altitude of 11,480 feet. Interestingly, it only needs 590 feet of plain space to lift off the ground.

World's First Flying Car is Available For Pre-order

The Pal-V can be your very own three wheeled air-land vehicle and it will only take 5 to 10 minutes to switch from driving to flying mode. Ofcourse, you’ll need to get a gyroplane pilot’s license in order to operate this vehicle. The pre-order takes a straight $10,000 as a down payment. Dutch developers expect to start delivering the first batch by the end of 2018.

Available at for $399k