Flying cars were once a dream but it has become a reality with PAL-V One (Personal Air and Land Vehicle). PAL-V is a two seated hybrid of three wheeled bike and gyrocopter. This hybrid can fly under 4,000 feet altitude in unrestrained airspace but not near the commercial flying jets. PAL-V practically land anywhere due to squat takeoff and landing capabilities. It runs on a powerful robust 160kW flight certified gasoline engine (in future on bio-ethanol or biodiesel) with auto rotating aerodynamic cab folded rotor and can reach the top speed up to 180 km/h both in the air and on land. This titan can reach from 0 to 50 in fewer than 60 seconds with maximum takeoff weight of 910kg and fold back in just 10 min. PAL-V is a complete combination of adventure, liberty, delight and might. PAL-V can be seen in 2014 and costing approximately $300,000.

Available at for $300,000