Vanderhall is a home for three-wheeled roadsters, brings another mouthwatering Autocycle. The Whole American-made three-wheeler ‘2017 Vanderhall Laguna‘ houses a highly advanced turbo charged 1.4 VVTi Turbo Charged 4 cylinder engine packed in a minimal design aluminum mono frame. Alongside, the carbon fiber exterior is quite sleek and rounded, with tight arches which allows the wheels to stick out of the body — never seizes to amaze me. Things like premium leather seats with a customized black wool carpet might sound too good to you but these things will cost you extra. Both front and back wheels are manufactured with the highly advanced Rotary Forged Aluminum technology whereas the suspension bears Pushrod coil over for front wheel and single-sided swing arm coil over for rear wheel. The dry weight is about 550lbs.

Available at for $77K