Lytro goes big and unveils its second generation light field photography concept with their Lytro Illum camera. It’s acceptable that the toy like appearance may prick most of photographers, yet it’s enough to know how it works differently. This high-end camera brings the images to life. With its 40 Megaray customized sensor and 8 times optical zoom 30-250mm lens , it captures the entire light field (color, direction and intensity of the rays of light). How it’s different because it allows you to focus and re-focus the image even after you have taken the pictures long ago. By adjusting the focal length, perspective shift, tilt and depth of the field, just tap on that particular spot to be pin-sharp, color and brightness and focused. More features include 4” touch LCD with 800×480 pixel resolution, WiFi connectivity, external shutter release port, tripod mount, hot shoe, SD card slot, and a removable battery. Apart from the stunning built-in features, the Lytro illum’s app provides further opportunity for the geeks to go through wonderful image editing.

Available at for $1500