Action cameras that record 4k videos are no longer new gadgets to us. Yet, this Revl Arc 4k Camera becomes our next best thing in hunt for the gadget list. Just like any other Action Camera, Revl Arc is capable of recording 12-megapixel stills, includes G-force, accelerator data and can pair with GPS and heart-rate monitor devices. It’s waterproof up-to 3 meters underwater. The AI assisted editing system, through a smart video editing app, gives you a highlight of videos based on data collected from its sensors.

The only difference is its size and awesome stability mechanism. The Arc is more than an action camera and better gimbal you’d ever imagine in your bag. The Arc Camera combines both electronic and physical stabilization mechanism to eliminate the shakiness and keep the horizon leveled. There are videos out there comparing both with and without this gimbal Check Out Here.

In comparison with GoPro Hero 4 + Feiyu Gimbal and GoPro Hero Session + Feiyo Gimbal, we can clearly see it beats them easily in many ways. You may add extra accessories with the Revl Arc to increase its functionality. Like, sticky mount, bar mount, kite surfing strut mount etc.

Available at for $499