The World’s Smartest 360fly 4k Camera

The 360fly 4k Camera looks small but it can capture huge things. Recording a 360° video at 4k resolution is no big deal for this tiny. Unlike other 360° and VR cameras, 360fly 4k records all the action with one Ultra Fisheye Lens combined with 16-megapixels image sensor and innovative smart features. Such as, First-Person POV, Motion/Audio Active, Time-Lapse Mode and a lot more.

The integrated mechanism allows the Camera to add over 6 million pixels which in turn increases sharpness and saturation in the full 360° x 240° field of view. The internal capacity (64 GB) is enough to store up to 3 hours of 4k footage. One fully charged battery lasts 1.5-hours of recording life. Apart from that, additional features like built-in accelerometer, non-assisted GPS sensors for geo-tagging, gyroscope, dual omnidirectional microphones for true stereo recording and e-compass, attract all the sports enthusiast who are always looking forward to recording their next adventure in best view possible. Check it out in action Video Here!

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