Netatmo, a well-known manufacturer for its connected home devices presented its smart home security camera called “netatmo Presence”. The camera is able to distinguish between animals, cars, and people. The Presence constantly communicates with the connected iOS devices, for example, when an animal prowling around the house, when a car stopped in front, or when a person approaches the place.

With a viewing angle of 100 degrees and a detection distance of 20m, the Presence is not only effective in the day time but also at night. The infrared sensors and a projector automatically enable to record better images in condition low light or to flee intruders.
The recordings are saved on an SD card, but the Presence also supports live streaming on iOS device via Wi-Fi home network.

This new Netatmo surveillance camera will be available in Q3 2016 and the price is still unknown. Watch the video

Available at for $TBA