With three eyes and three ears, Giroptic 360 Cam captures the world around us. At the push of a button this VR cam captures incredible footage in 2K and 4K stunning photos in 360 degree view.

The Giroptic 360 Cam has three lenses, each of which has a 185-degree field of view with a fisheye lens. All of them overlap at the borders, and a special chip to process the image with each of them, combining the whole view of the sphere. In other words three video files will be developed into one.

This 360 degree camera is independent and can therefore be installed in various places around homes or offices. Its clever mounting system allows it to attach with regular light-bulb threads for surveillance purpose. You can program the camera for snapping photos every few seconds. The captured content can be transferred to your computer. Streaming will be also possible for a mobile application for smartphones. The content will be streamed to mobile devices via Wi-Fi. The Giroptic 360 Cam ($499) also has gyroscopic image stabilization and GPS for geotagging. The camera is rugged and fully waterproof.

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Available at us.360.tv for $499