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eye3 Hexicopter DSLR Flyer for Aerial Photography

You might have seen many mini helicopters like past week we showed you Small RC Gyro Helicopter . But eye3 Hexicopter is a specialized professional toy designed for photographers. Yes its primary function is to fly your camera in the air and let you photographed stunning aerial photographs. Designed by a married couple the eye3 is made out of light-weight carbon and glass fiber components and weighs just 4.3 pounds. It features six 350w motors of 3 hp each that has the power to manage DSLRs gears up to 10 pounds. Moreover it has auto pilot and pre-mapped flight function. But most of all the useful feature is that It wont crash even If two rotors fail. The eye3 is availble as a kit that you can easily assemble using your basic engineering skills. BUY it here | $999

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