Meanwhile people didn’t snap the spell of Batman Tumbler Car yet, some mad genius worked out and created one of a kind The Batman Tumbler Golf Cart too. We see this mystical golf cart has no formidable weaponry or blazing rocket propulsion to save Gotham from evildoers, but you cannot lose a game of 9-holes, so to speak. First, they chose an EZ-Go golf cart and stripped that down to the frame. Then they rebuilt it using frame and sheet metal including sculpted, molded cowl. The entire Batman Tumbler Golf Cart is handcrafted in detail. It features 4-link rear suspension with coil covers, brand new 6 Trojan Gell cell batteries, 500 Amp controller, 110 volt converter, 4 cup holders, iPad stand, lights, mirrors, adjustable leather seats and a massive horn. It runs on 6hp electric motor and goes on a top speed of 36mph. All you need now is a Batman classic suit and style of a billionaire crime fighter golfer.

Available at for $49,950+