If you want to own this Batman Tumbler now, for a real time street legal drive per say, you have to pay $1 million. Folks are bewildered what hot pursuit could be the focus for this 8-cylindered Chevrolet LS1 motor all in all black sick machine. No less than 5.7 liter engine capacity is known that we believe could generate 310HP in such a magnificent design. It’s powered as RWD (Rear Wheel Drive). The interior seems to outshine its exterior design which, in the first place, a cause of million’s attraction. For instance, driver-eccentric 5 cameras for blind spots, fast GPS navigation worldwide, custom cut windows, iPod integration and even a DVD/CD player are much for an Batman fanboy’s dream drive. With custom made chassis and 44-in massive tires, we have a fantasy-inspired real Dark Knight Rises machine on the ordinary roads without weaponry though, and not to pancake the cops’ cars. Five replicas still been built with the official ad by Jamesedition goes on it this is not “a daily driver”.

Available at jamesedition.com for $1,000,000