This is not just another 360º cam that captures pictures or records videos on the go. Instead, Giroptic 360º Cam has got cutting edge technology that uses 3 times ultra sharp 185˚ fisheye lenses with 360˚ x 300˚ field of view providing real time streaming of awesome 1080p of world around you. It is the world’s first full HD 360˚ camera that captures the highest quality 360˚ videos (2048 x 1024 @ 30fps) and 8 megapixels photos. Our little 360cam is fully equipped with many sensors including GPS for image geotagging, gyroscope for image stability, three microphones for surround sound. The wireless cam is powered by rechargeable lithium battery. It features MicroSD card storage (upto 64GB support), Micro USB support and WiFi connectivity for real-time video streaming. Besides live streaming and recoding modes, it boasts another mode wherein you can utilize burst, HRD, time lapse and timer options. The geek part is, the 360cam is compatible with oculus Rift. Strap on your VR mask and step into 360 degrees virtual reality. As a remote controlled device, it uses a free dedicated app (iOS/Android) that lets you adjust settings and can be used a view finder while recoding or taking photos. Last but not least, 360cam comes with cool accessories that include mounting system, underwater lens cups to make your buddy waterproof, Ethernet video Streaming Base for streaming a live concert for professional broadcasters and a Light Bulb Adapter to attach the 360cam to the ceiling; after all using it a 24/7 surveillance camera is a nice idea. Check it out!

Available at for $499