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Zombie Shopping Mall Experience

Years gone people are still waiting for zombocalypse. Even many have been bored with this Tactical Bleeding Zombie Target. If you are one of those desperate looking for any zombie then we’ve good news. Although we can’t provide you real zombies but a Uk based company located in Droitwich, Britain, is offering their place to practice you zombie hunting skills in shopping mall.

All the drama starts from a short briefing by Police Special Zombie Bashing Unit in zombie shopping mall. They provide necessary information about mission and loads you with some cool weapons. Later you’ll be sent to zombie area with bunch of fellas like you to exercise your zombocalypse abilities with limited airsoft guns and time.

You’ll not be beaten or eaten by zombies and you shouldn’t be killing those fake zombies. After all they are real humans. But one thing is sure that a lot of thrilling fun is waiting for you.

The Zombie Shopping Mall is open for limited days so rush there as soon as possible.

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