A Japanese Artist Atsushi Shiraishi came up with an idea to make kids more active and close to their parents at the same time but for this to work, dads had to turn into Jungle Gyms. Athletitti is a portmanteau of athletic and chichi (japanese for father, respelled here by the designer). It involves physical activities like tossing, flips, throws are all good for your kid and necessary for loving and caring physical contact. Athletitti, a wearable jungle gym is a good way for dads to bond with their kids. It’s a radical redesign for children’s play equipment, the supporting material is made up of leather, with multiple ropes wound around it that kids can use to climb, stand, and hang all over your body, turning the kids’ play time into a parent-child bonding moment. Dimensions : H700 × W400 × D50 mm

[VIA | Spoon Tomago]

Available at tamabi.ac.jp for $TBA