From the above, standing on the edge, on the surface the sight is enduring. Jacob’s Well is a perennial karstic spring and a never ending dark hole, an abyss, this is the one leap that you wouldn’t want to take even a leap of faith. Jacob’s well is located in a Hill Country along with the bed of Cypress Creek in the northwest of Wimberley, Texas. Jacob’s Well is a perpetual artesian spring that nourishes Cypress Creek. It was primarily exposed to the people in 1850. This is indeed one of the most dangerous diving spots in the known world and it has already claimed more than eight lives so far but satirically this is one of the eye-catching, spectacular and extravagant diving spot for thrill seeking adrenaline wholehearted daredevil swimmers too. The opening is 4 meter in diameter. The cave vertically goes down to about 30 feet then the second shaft further goes down to 55 feet reaching to the depth of 80 feet and further reaching the massive full depth up to 40 meters, consisting of four separate chambers (fourth chamber is known as the virgin cave). In 1924 it was measured that 640 liters (170 gallons) of water comes out from the well every second. After the dozen deaths of trained scuba divers the cave was finally sealed off at the depth of 40 feet. The specially permitted technical divers are allowed now. It would have been a flourishing and successful swimming spot for tourists attraction if it had not become too much of a graveyard, illustrated by the local diver Don Dibble. It is a part of a subversive aqua flow classification with natural spring water forcing its way to the exterior all the way through absorbent limestone. The well is a motivation to divers, scientists and artists as well as a great mystery. Few are terrified but many are haggard to it, this is a part of its mythology. Jacob’s Well is the spirit of life, creating water every day for thousands of years. For those who are not in diving, this is a perfect romantic picnic spot for everyone to enjoy. Watch the awesome Jacob’s Well Free diving Video by MicBergsma.[VIA]