It’s always been the dice, deciding good or bad luck for all of us. So, why not spend a little more on something that’s kinda important to us. Dice like CotoCube is what we call a unique gaming accessory. Leaving the ordinary plastic behind, carbon fiber makes it lighter, more durable and stronger than steel (doesn’t mean it can be used as bullets though). At the same time, CotoCube glows in the dark after being exposed to the sunlight. The inserts are made of same material which is normally used in toys and absolutely safe for use.

CotoCube doesn’t only give a better sense of touch and feel but it also improves performance and precision when it comes to rolling the dice on the bumpy boards. The engineering behind each dice is simple and complex. It’s simply a piece of 50 multi-layered solid carbon fiber sheets blended into each other in a quite delicate manner. Each pair of CotoCube comes with a laser-engraved wooden box, so you may keep it classy.

After having a successful hit on the kickstarter, COTO LTD has launched an Indiegogo Campaign on fund the CotoCube Glow In The Dark Dice. Head over to the Indiegogo page to fund the campaign or select a featured perk that offers a pair of dice for $21 only.

Available at for $21+