Ever wondered about hovering on a hoverboard like that scene from the  Back To The Future Part II? ,well Hendo Hoverboard brings that to reality. Its going to be a self powered, levitating (here comes the transcendental joy!) platform with enough power to lift a fully grown adult. Its technology is called Magnetic Field Architecture(MFA) and is same as used in buzzing speed MagLev Trains. This is the starting line product of a whole new industry based on hovering and magnetic levitation originating out of the idea of its inventor for building earth quake safe buildings. The Hendo aims at providing a powerful yet elegant design, full 1 inch of high ride, effortless glide and full control with adequate safeguards from automatic powerdown to interference free ride surface.
This technology works only over non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminum . Hendo is inspired from traditional board sports to open its own new hoverboard parks for these exclusive joyous rides for those exclusive hoverboard riders who wish to become part of making of this hovering history. If you have those hovering genes in you and  spare money go and get your name etched in one of those laying brick of Hendo hoverpark.
Hendo is giving other fascinating offers as well for its backers and starting buyers as a kickstart to its project.

Worlds First Real Hoverboard Just Came To Life